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Jonny Farrell is a musician with a degree in music technology and a nascent career in audio engineering. It seems such a massive and unlikely jump to what he is today – a butcher. Then again, maybe not. He was performing from an early age, sharing his passion for jazz with audiences from small and intimate to the Royal Albert Hall. And to this day he is still -performing – sharing his delight and passion for meat with his customers. Showing off the pride and pleasure the art brings to him. 

Jonny has always considered himself a foodie, not in the sense of following fads but rather in the way he prepares food, how he tastes food, and the way he shares it. It led him to China where he developed a serious addiction to exploring the awesome and bizarre Chinese food markets, finding crazy new ingredients and exploring their potential.

It wasn’t until he moved to Shanghai and began training at a western butchery, that he was really in his element. He watched, listened and learned from the butchers there also taking on board the traditional Chinese methods. When an opportunity came about to take helm of a large butchers in Hong Kong he snapped at the chance. Here, Jonny made it his mission to hone his sausage making skills, his curing abilities and expanded his knowledge of meats across the globe. He imported some of the best meats available, from the Rubia Gallega mammoths of Spain to the delicate Hanwoo beef of Korea. It was also his time in Hong Kong that he also built up a social media following, adopting his own distinguished look that has become his signature and has built up quite a following on social media. 

That all leads to now. @ButcherFarrell is back in the UK and heading up the stunning butchery department at Jimmy’s farm. Jimmy’s passion and determination was something that has made a huge impact with Jonny and drew him back to the motherland. At the farm he is able to be alongside his produce, giving him complete confidence in what he sells. Having the kitchen attached to the butchery and having a great team of chefs to work with means that Jonny will be able to showcase some of his butchering/ chef flares for the consumers to see.