Hailing from Washington DC and influenced by his family roots in the American South, Christian has immersed himself in the art of cooking over the open fire.  Having originally been signed up to FoodTube by Jamie Oliver, Christian now presents his weekly show on the DJBBQ Channel

Christian is a man of many talents. Whether he’s dj-ing at Bill Gates’ latest Microsoft party or acting in feature films, Christian is not easily pinned down.

Christian’s is a respected music broadcaster& has a equalled by his expertise and love of freesports.  He has hosted Freeze (Channel4), Red Bull X Fighters (Dave) , The London Boat Show (Action Arena) and The Ski & Snowboard Show (Fashion Show).  Previously, he has also fronted Snowball on MTV alongside co-presenter Kylie Minogue, Freesports on 4 (Channel 4), Chilli factor (Extreme Channel), and Legends of the Extreme (Extreme Channel).

As if all this didn’t keep Christian busy enough, from an early age Christian has been obsessed with cooking, predominantly the art of barbequing. Christian grew up in the American South and since childhood he has immersed himself in this hugely underrated form of cooking, educating himself in the traditional artisan techniques of the Deep South and adding his own very individual take on various recipes.
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