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Emmerline Smy is the creator of Smy Goodness which offers preserves, workshops, prints and a podcast – all focusing on food, history, art and design. The ethos of Smy Goodness is sharing the beauty, history, culture and patterns of fruits, vegetables, art and design.

These guiding principles started in Orford, Suffolk, where Emmerline is from. Her earliest memories relate to its landscape and the bounty of history, food, arts, crafts, folklore and wildlife within it. She lived for many years in America, mainly Boston and New Orleans and she studied historic preservation, a degree which focuses on architecture, archaeology, decorative arts and museum studies. Wether a painting, decorative object, building or archaeological site, she would set about tracing it back to learn its provenance, where it came from, who owned it, what changes it had undergone and what sort of story it told. For more than fifteen years she has taught art workshops in bead making, soap making, print making and more with a focus on their cultural importance throughout time.

Ten years ago Emmerline began making preserves (as Smy Chutney) and intuitively began to research fruits and vegetables with the same fervour that she would an historic object. Fruits and vegetables have incredible stories to tell of their beginnings and how they have evolved and travelled with us throughout human history. It was a natural progression to start teaching courses on making preserves, cakes and healthy eating workshops with an emphasis on how some of our favourite ingredients, recipes and dishes have made their way around the world. Based in London, Emmerline feels very much the country mouse inspired by her travels throughout time and space.

Smy Goodness was the result of a Smy Chutney rebrand in 2014 to recognise the many different areas of Emmerline’s offerings. There are the unique seasonal preserves and hot sauces, practical and informative arts, crafts and cookery workshops as well as food inspired soaps and prints and patterns created from Emmerline’s food photography library.

The cherry on the cake was in 2017 when Emmerline began the Smy Goodness Podcast, a food exploration with each episode featuring an ingredient, concept or issue relating to food and uncovering its origins, stories, artworks and innovations by looking at elements of food, history, art and design and how, why and where they intersect and the impact that they have had and have on our culture and experiences.

Creativity and food have long been intertwined, from preparation to enjoyment and all the stages in between. Smy Goodness hopes to inspire and share the stories that shape us.