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– Saturday –

“Smitha is a beautiful musical talent to listen to and look out for.  Her unique harmony of voice, melody and heartfelt lyrics will touch many people.”

Imran Ahmad – Music Producer and Film Composer

Smitha is a British Indian singer/song-writer from London. Born in Lancashire and raised in South London from the age of 9.

During University she started to write songs and sing at local gigs and since then has continued to flourish with her inner passion for singing and song-writing.

 ‘I love to perform, I feel privileged and honoured to sing to an audience and form a connection, whether it be performing a fun, get up and move your hips song or one which has a more deeper meaning and expression’

 Her songs are highly emotive, drawing from personal experiences as well as difficult times that have affected ones around her.  She writes about relationships, love, loss and the great pain from bereavement and illness, having lost her mother. 

 ‘I want my songs to be honest and heartfelt. They focus on an event or moment that has caused a feeling of say happiness, sadness or anger and I aim for my melodies and voice to reflect this.  I hope this creates a feeling in the song that can be related to by others and in a way it becomes their song as well’

 Her voice has been described as mellifluous, warm, expressive with jazz/blues type undertones which make it instantly recognizable.