The Rogues Shanty Crew are an energetic acapella sea shanties group.

They sing authentic sea shanties and other sea songs with a raucous, humorous and passionate delivery that will captivate, entertain and educate you.

The group hail from Lowestoft on the East Coast – a town which boasts a cultural history rich in the tradition of seafarers; fishermen and sailors where men have earned a living (honest and otherwise) from the Sea since before the Middle Ages.

The town has long offered drawn musicians to it who seek the ocean as their muse, including Benjamin Britten and Vaughan Williams who were both drawn to the “call of the sea”. The Rogues carry on this tradition of sea inspired music, continuing the traditions of the folk music of sailors, aiming to keep the heritage of their music and legacy alive through revitalised performances of traditional shanties and sea songs as well as giving a “sea shanty spin” to the occasional contemporary song.”