Up All Hours

The wonderful Up All Hours will be at Jimmy’s Festival to cater for all your parenting needs.

Providing a safe haven for feeding and changing your little ones, they are also running a Kids Cafe providing baby food to toddler food & a chill-out area for kids¬†(& parents). You can heat up your bottles and put up your feet for five minutes. Sadly, they can’t serve gin yet. But they are looking into it for next year!¬†

Brilliant brands will come with them to meet your needs from breastfeeding kits from Lansinoh, toys from Mothercare, food & snacks from Little Dish, smoothies from Happy Monkey, jelly juice from Naturelly and biscuits from Sweetpea Pantry.

They’re situated in the Main Arena just behind the Information tent!

Sam and Aly look forward to seeing you guys there!