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getonthesoapbox presents…


SoapBox is proud to present our live literature stage at Jimmy’s Festival 2018: Words & Verses. Hidden amongst the trees in the magical WonderWood, we are bringing an exciting mix of live poetry, storytelling, workshops, open mics, and exclusive Q&A sessions with artists playing at the Festival. Come and hear from the best emerging writers and speakers from the East. Political, punchy and funny: this is poetry which grabs you by the soul and lights a fire in your brain. Got something to say? Sign up for our daily open mic and share your words with us. Rap, beatboxing, comedy, poetry and storytelling – all words welcome.

 Words & Verses can be found on the fringes of the Festival, in the magnificent woodland just beyond the den building, surrounded by beautiful handmade art. (Keep your eyes open for the SoapBox Jellyfish adorning the Festival site) Everything you will see is crafted from recycled materials and ethically sourced. We are proud to contribute (in our small way) to diverting clothing from landfill and giving them a new life as Festival artworks. This is a unique experience that will be a feast for your eyes and hearts. Don’t get put in a box, get on one instead: getonthesoapbox at Jimmy’s Festival 2018.


HOOM Stage

In association with Access Creative College in Norwich, the HOOM stage will be bringing the best of new, local musical talent to the Woodland Arena. 


Denbuilding & Woodland Timewalk

Our woodland has more now than ever!

Not only is it the perfect place to spot many native plants and animals. If you are extremely lucky you may even see the rare Dormouse or Stagbeetles.  Take a rest & enjoy a drink at the Woodland Bar & Coffee Cabin & take on our thrilling new Time Walk where you can meet all the creatures that used to roam the woodlands thousands of years ago.